Hello Johannesburg!

South Africa is every tourist’s delight and the country is worth visiting. The heavenly features that make South Africa outstanding, comprises spectacular scenery, hospitable people, lovely cuisine and worthwhile wildlife that invite frequent flights to Johannesburg.

This statement cannot be ignored that ‘every destination has pros and cons’. One needs to be careful and safe in order to travel these days. Hence, you need not be disheartened, just focus on the best part and good things, keeping ears and eyes wide open.

Your Journey to Johannesburg

Suppose you choose Johannesburg or Cape Town or even Durban as your choicest destination, Jozi has risen to rub shoulders with other famous South African cities.

South Africa is no doubt, a unique mixture of European, Asian and African community, and groups. This nation alone has 11 official languages. A recent survey shows that 40 million are South Africans, 5 million are mixed group and 1.5 million are Asian and Indian descent and a few percentage of white community. The black population consists of Tsonga, Nguni, Sotho-Tswana and Venda tribal groups.

The Beauty of Jozi

South Africa is famous for its floral wealth. With a 555,000 hectare of floral region, the Cape is one of South Africa’s regions with eight World Heritage Sites. This place was also tagged as ‘fantastic universal importance to mankind’ and ‘the richest territory for plants in the entire planet’. Book Johannesburg flights from Fly Africa and enjoy the treasures of Jozi.

The National Parks are also among the top parks in the world and stand out as premier attractions. Apart from the National Parks, there are spectacular game reserves and the world-famous sight of ‘The Big Five’.

Wildlife at its Best

Apart from the Big Five, you can witness 200 diverse species of mammals and around 1000 species of rare birds. Book early to bag special discounts on London to Johannesburg flights from your flight experts.

The South African communities are extremely welcoming and generous, highly excited to highlight their paradise to international tourists. The combination of food, accommodation and city tours are simply jaw-dropping.

That is a bit of the captivating South Africa, and visitors to Johannesburg need not travel in worry and fear. Apart from your luggage, carry common sense, precautions, guidelines, and prayers.

Some ‘Common Sense’ Safety Rules while Strolling in Johannesburg

Travelling is exciting, but you also need to heed a few important rules to reduce the risk of being in any trouble and enjoy life to the full. Even the best destinations have flaws, smaller crimes, and mishaps that can ruin an exciting tour. Let us see what can these be and how to avoid the worst scenario.

1. In big cities, try to avoid the CBD or the Central Business District during night times.

2. Do not meander around any known or unknown city at night, even if you have a large group. If it is important, just take guidance from your hotel authorities or someone you can rely on. Just avoid stopping any taxi passing by.

3. Avoid wearing gaudy apparels, carrying cash or expensive ornaments, watches or electronic gadgets. Carry your mobile phone and camera in a bag and keep it obscured. Hold your things close and keep eyes open for any pickpockets and people around you.

4. Beware of ATM frauds, thefts, and distraction of any stranger.

5. If you are driving down, keep your things close to you and be sure to keep windows up and doors locked properly. Ignore any stranger who tries to misguide you at the traffic signal.

6. Be responsible for your car’s safety. Though there are guards in many streets, they will not guarantee the safety of your car.

7. The gas stations are not that far from each other. Let your petrol tank be full and make sure that your car is in an excellent condition.

8. Carry an updated map and do not get lost. Many areas in Johannesburg have undergone name changes of streets, colonies, and localities. Reach your destination peacefully and properly.

9. If you are staying in a hotel or a guesthouse, you can leave your important papers, documents, and valuables in a safety deposit. Instead of carrying the original, carry copies of your passport and other things. Keep your hotel room locked.

10. Lastly, but not at the least, avoid any scams that rise out of a friendly conversation with an unknown local person.


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