Africa is truly a multi-cultural country inviting several flights to Africa. The massive continent consists of several tribes and cultures, top 11 different languages, taste and skin tones. No doubt, it has evolved from a dark continent to be recognized as the ‘Rainbow Nation’.

We have listed some unique and amusing things that you will surely love to try on your tour to Africa. Believe it not, among the many African amusements and attractions, the top things include an Ostrich ride, spending one night on the treetop and cage diving with the sharks.These are just a few! Here are the best and top ten things you can do and experience in Africa.

Enjoy Golfing at Mind the Giraffes – ZIMBABWE

Golf with Giraff

Some amazing and famous golf courses abide in Africa, which is quite affordable too. Renowned players like Gary Player and few others have scored well on these lush courses by flying in with Africa flights.

Places such as Egypt, Kenya, Mauritius, Morocco, South Africa, Tunisia, and Zimbabwe are all gaining reputations as fabulous golf destinations.

At one of the courses, you might see a crocodile sticking its head out of the water. Admire the Ostrich, the largest non-flying bird on the land. If your spouse or kid is not a golfer, they can enjoy a ravishing spa or even go on a safari tour. Book an Air Zimbabwe flight to enjoy the blessings of the wonderful continent and gather memories.

Experience Ostrich Ride – WESTERN CAPE

ostrich ride

How do you mix fun, speed, and thrill, altogether? It is when you find yourself on the back of an Ostrich. It is true that riding an Ostrich takes lots of courage and skill, but if it is your first time, you can surely try it out.

The place Oudtshroon, located at the Karoo is a semi-desert Ostrich farm, with more than hundred of these lovely birds. If you are brave and confident enough, you can try your luck with these strange birds.

Make your home atop a Tree-House – NAMIBIA

Do you wish you could have your feet off the ground? Try this out! A tree-house stay is an amazing idea if you have several options to choose from as you fly to Africa. Few of these treetop ventures offer a self-catering canopy, which is set up in the Outeniqua foothills, towards the Western Cape, not very far from the beach.

There are luxury tree houses built with style, around the Leadwood trees and equipped with a fireplace and a Jacuzzi. At the few of the tree houses, you can have a close encounter with a passing giraffe.

 Enjoy thrilling surfing – TANZANIA


The African coastline is characterized by a series of resorts, bays and pristine sea beaches, and any surfer would know that the bays and sea points offer endless surfing opportunities, inviting frequent flights to Tanzania.

The Cape Peninsula, as everyone knows, offers undying fun and the best surfing experience. However, there are other famous surfing beaches too. So, prepare for some amazing time on the waves and hit the water as soon as you can.

 Travel around the Wild Coast – SOUTH AFRICA


The Wild Coast is situated towards the Eastern Cape of South Africa. This is one of the most stunning coastlines on the earth, which is accessible only by foot. On your trip, explore spectacular sights, cascading waterfalls, secluded beaches and forests.

This hike provides a chance to mix with few interesting locals and learn about their habits and customs.

Swim with the Great White Sharks – CAPE PENINSULA

swim with shark

Would you dare to come face to face with this massive intriguing mammal without losing any limb? Let us introduce you to the gripping cage diving with the Great White Sharks. This is a new adventure sport gaining fame with several tourists coming in with flights from London to South Africa.

Several guides and groups operate this sport and offer cage-diving packages. The Shark Alley in Gansbaai is the best spot for this adventure. It is something, which should not be missed.

Enjoy a Train Ride – TANZANIA


On one of the African train rides, you can experience both the views of the sea as well as admire the lush mountainous ranges as you pass through. You can board several fantastic train rides in South Africa. Blue Train is the most famous of them all.

It is scheduled between Cape Town and Pretoria and takes 27 hours to cross the spectacular landscapes.

 Experience Skydiving – CAPE TOWN

If you’re a true traveler and adventure lover, then you will know the thrill of skydiving. The rush and the free-fall are unmatched. You might have done it in several places but The Table Mountain in South Africa offers impressive views unlike any.

Many enthusiast travelers attempt to jump off planes over the Namibia Desert to admire a diverse landscape. One such best place is by South Swampland, which is an oasis in the middle of the desert. Get your cheap flights to Cape Town booked in advance to avoid last minute rush.

 Embark on Gorilla Trekking – RWANDA

gorilla trecking

Gorillas are one of Africa’s majestic creatures living in their natural environment. If you are planning a trip to Africa, then you need to head towards Lake Bunyonyi. This place is home to massive silver back gorillas.

Spotting them purely depends on the tour group that accompanies you on this tour. If you’re lucky, you might get a chance to admire these wonderful creatures either in Rwanda, Congo or Uganda. There are stories from people who have traveled through the forests of Sumatra to face the magical Orangutans.

Explore Victoria Falls – ZAMBIA

Victoria Falls sunset
Victoria Falls sunset, View from Zambia

The Victorian Falls are absolutely one of the world’s glorious sights. The moment you get closer to the town, the thunder and roar set your heart racing. Nicknamed as ‘smoke that thunders’, the falls are 1.7 km wide with River Zambezi changing its form and character, plummeting 100 meters below.

The upper Zambezi river belt is dotted with palm-dotted islands and abundant game. You can spot hippos and crocodile, enjoy an elephant ride and walking safari.

This multicultural nation overflows with surprises and attractions making flying easy with cheap flights to Africa from UK. Whether natural wonders, man-made or cultural attractions or wildlife, there are endless things that will pull you towards this amazing land.



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