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Flamingo, the beautiful pink bird has been a centre of attraction for many tourists who flock to Kenya in anticipation to witness the awe-inspiring scenario of thousands of these species, flooding the Lake Nakuru. The number sometimes exceeds millions as well.

The mannequins of these flamingos adorn the gardens and yards of people in different countries. They are one of the most elegant birds all over the African continent with a long neck, slender legs, and pink feathers. They look absolutely stunning with their contrasting pink colour on blue water of the lakes in the rift valley, where they are found in abundance. But if you wish to watch them in huge numbers, you must know the proper time to visit the place.

The Flamingos feed on algae found in the lakes and the highest amount is found on the river beds, after the rainy season. The rainy season ends in April and henceforth, the onset of these birds begin, with their peak season lasting from June until August. However, it is advisable to book your cheap flights to Kenya from London UK at any time throughout the year because regardless of the time of your visit, you are likely to see many flamingos, hanging around the place.

A few Flamingo facts you might not know:

There are two types of flamingos: the pinker lesser flamingo and the ballerina bigger flamingo. The flamingo’s are mostly found towards Langebaan lagoon and towards salt works at Velddrift.

The greater flamingos breed towards northern Africa, in Botswana. You may not see many young birds in Cape Town but only adult flamingos.

Rarely, you will get to see two different flamingos in Cape Town. If you can, you will be able to compare the two birds. The greater flamingos are approximately 140-150 cms tall and the lesser flamingos are 90 cms tall.

Their feeding habits are quite strange and interesting. The ones with their heads down in the mud or in the shallow waters are the greater flamingos. No, they are not relaxing but filtering mud through their beaks. Their pink colour is because of the algae in their diet.

The lesser flamingos are adapted to the alkaline water and feed on algae and shrimps.

Flamingos live long – around 60-70 years. The longest that a flamingo lived was 83 years. Now the flamingos are near threatened and declining due to human activity.

Besides the beautiful Flamingos, there are over 500 species of birds and variety of animals in the area. All are unique in their own kind like giraffes, baboons, warthogs, rhinos and long-crested eagles, Silverbird,  etc. Lake Bogoria in Kenya is the place, most inundated by the Flamingos. Camping sites and lodges are also available in nearby areas.

So, make the most of this winter break and book your tickets from the cheapest travel agency in London if you live there and take Kenya flights and Travel Africa.


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