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Believe the authenticity of the statement, “Better safe than sorry”. Hence, here we will equip you with certain true and tried Safari travel trips.


Personal safety and security should be the utmost priority while on any expedition, same goes with African Safari, so keep a few things in mind like

  • Avoid carrying a huge amount of cash. Instead carry a variety of cash types (preferably US$ for many countries and Rand for South Africa and at least one credit card too. Beware of the street side currency exchangers who may dupe you.
  • Carry your cash, passport and travel documents in a safe pouch and secured place in baggage. Also keep a track of your bags and suitcases while walking through the airport, markets and crowded places.
  • If possible leave your valuables like cameras, laptops, jewellery etc under safe deposit in lockers of the hotel.


In Africa, ATM Machines supply only local currency and you may require an International PIN Code. VISA credit card type has the best acceptance in African ATMs.


Though not pretty good but mobile and Wifi coverage is widespread throughout Africa except some remote Safari destinations. Check with your travel agent before booking your  tickets to Africa , that your safari camp has free Wi-fi. Also bring an adaptor for proper plug configuration to charge your mobile, cameras and other gadgets.

Plug Types- G (UK Plug)-Three prong rectangular

M (South African Plug)- Three prong round(large)


Drink only bottled water if possible. Safe bottled water is available at almost all safari camps. Also carry water purification tablets for emergency use. Safari Industry is nowadays trying to reduce the use of plastic water bottles. Kindly, co-operate with them.


During the winter months (June till Oct), the safari reserve areas grow extremely dusty. Contact lens wearers must bring eye drops and sunglasses must be carried by one and all.


Ensure that the travel agent with which you have confirmed your package has given you travel insurance too. Few in UK like Crystal Travels guarantee you safe and secured journey.


This is a common doubt in mind of tourists while travelling to any foreign land. The tradition of tipping the safari guides and camp staff is not a mandatory affair. Neither it is included in the package. Most of the safari camps have ‘Tip Box’ where you can tip as much amount as you wish for extra services you enjoyed during your safari.

Hope these tips would help you while planning your safari trip and booking your  Africa direct flights from  cheapest travel agents at your destination.


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