balloon safari -  flights to Tanzania

Every safari tour in Africa churns a new adventure unlike any inviting several cheap flights to Tanzania. Right from Wildlife Safari Tours to Balloon Safari Rides, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which offers you a bird’s eye-view of all the action below.

If you have not experienced the Balloon Safari Ride, well this is your chance to be nowhere else, but in northern Tanzania.

Choose Your Spot

A Serengeti balloon safari is an extraordinary activity, popular with international visitors as well as local tourists. You need to be in African Mecca Wildlife Serengeti National Park. The ride ascends from three spots in the primary national sanctuary – the Serona River Valley, the Great Migration Pass and the Grumeti River.

One spectacle that stands out in these three vital points is the gathering of the wildlife around the water.

Towards Southern Serengeti, the wildebeest’s congregate right from December and they can be spotted frequently until February. The surrounding plains are perfect for balloon flights, which ultimately takes you off-ground and offers an aerial view of the game-viewing action.

Early To Bed…

An SUV will pick you up at 5 am for your Serengeti hot-air balloon ride. You will enjoy the ride at dawn as you cross small forests and bushes. You might spot nocturnal animals near rivers that are not visible during the day.

Enchantment waits when you approach the balloon that will carry you. The gigantic balloon inflates restlessly and gets into shape in no time.

Get Ready for the Magic

The sound of the burner gets your pulse racing and puts your mood in the seventh heaven. Well, it is a heart-stopping moment when you start to lose touch with the earth and start merging with the sky.

The rope comes loose and you defy gravity. Make sure you enjoy this ride either early in the morning or before twilight. You will love capturing the shot of the sky as it turns from purple to pink. Your ticklish stomach bends over the balloon basket to fathom how high you have risen.

Spellbinding is the word…

You are at the mercy of the wind when you lose contact with the ground. You can be relieved in knowing that your pilot is cool and calm, steering the balloon in the direction of the wind. Shun your fear and let bliss take you over as you start admiring the sounds, sights and spellbinding things around (on the earth).

Can You Spot Your Favourite Animal?

It is an indescribable moment that teaches you several things about touring Eastern Africa. Suddenly the beasts of the soil become tiny toys from the top spectrum. As the balloon’s shadow glides over them, the silhouette of the animals begins to amuse you.

The elephants enjoy their slow-motion walk, the big cats are busy chasing smaller animals, the birds try to kiss you, the giraffes, and the zebras flaunt their skills and skins. One lonely lion locks eye with your balloon wondering what the scene is all about. This particular adventure is not what it looks like. It is highly thrilling that brings UK visitors from London to Tanzania year round.

The dry season from June to October offers the best wildlife migration spectacle. Therefore, book flights to Tanzania much in advance through your African travel agency in London and enjoy a marvellous and adventurous trip with Flights to Africa from Fly Africa.


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