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 Recently saw the surfing thriller ‘The Shallows’. Until the shark showed up the turquoise, waters were the centre of attraction. Have you ever dreamt of surfing? When you think of surfing or scuba diving, you may not visualize Africa. Well, you will now!

The huge continent is home to heavenly stretches of sea and sand that invites abundant cheap flights to Africa. Whether you choose a beach on the Indian Ocean or towards the Atlantic, every view is worth it. Apart from the surrounding seas, the freshwater lakes also offer beaches and activities like none other.

However, the main beaches span right from Ivory Coast, all the way towards Seychelles till South Africa. Our Africa travel guide will provide an insight to a few spectacular African beaches. You might find the pace slow, but it is worth it.

Zanzibar Archipelago 

Thriving in the Tanzanian Coast situated in the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar allures visitors to some of the best beaches in the world. It is a perfect place for those who wish to get soaked in the fabulous culture and relax on the white beaches.

The Stone Town is a must visit. The cultural hub will make you travel back in time. With its lively markets, winding alleys and vivid houses the Swahili coast offers captivating beaches in the world.


If relaxation is your fantasy, the laid back Lamu will be a wonderful host to your African vacation. Except the chirping of the birds and the sound of the splashing waves, nothing will disturb your peace.

The beaches here are extremely appealing to the eye and the soul, especially with snorkelling activities. You are not far from the town and a national park. The Shela Beach is one of the most idyllic beaches to leisure that enjoys a slow-paced shoreline life.


Seychelles needs no introduction; a perfect spot for honeymoon. It’s a gem dropped in the Indian Ocean. You will love picturing yourself among the azure waters and enchanting rocks that dot the beaches.

There is much more to the sand, sea and the sun. Enjoy jungle treks and boat excursions to nearby islands. There are nature reserves and the glee of spotting wildlife.


For a touch of heaven, no other coastal destination other than Mauritius makes offers a jaw-dropping experience. This amazing island not only offers swimming activities but amazing sunbathing too. Travel deep into the town to get a taste of its rich history and traditional diversity.

Additionally, the friendly locals and their hospitality will give you the warmest feeling ever. Lifestyle is slow, but rejuvenating.


Situated at an hour’s drive from Accra, you will be treated to a lengthy stretch of stunning white-sand beaches and resorts. This hotspot is a favourite with backpackers and the newly wed. If you are good at beach parties, beer, barbecue, and music, this is your haven.

Cape Maclear

Your search ends here if you are looking for an unsoiled spot. This tiny fishing village should not be despised. Though life is slow, it offers kayaking, diving, and tempting hammocks to relax with a drink and a book to read.

Santo Antao

The beauty of Cape Verdean Islands are well-known and Santo Antao is among them. Offering thrilling hiking activities, dotted with striking gorges, valleys and canyons, the greenery here is beyond comparison.

You will surely enjoy walking through the tropical trails, ascend hilltops, and capture the panoramic view. Swimmers can head towards Praia Formosa.

I wished to give you the top 7 beaches, but couldn’t back off without mentioning Reunion and Limbe.

These bewitching spots are popular with both locals and international travellers. Reunion offers amazing waterfalls, thick forests, and rolling landscapes and Limbe offers three sensational spots – Mile 11, Mile 8 and Mile 6.

So get ready to pack your suitcases and pamper yourself for an excursion like never before with Africa flights from flight experts UK.


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